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Scouting The 2014 NFL Draft: LaDarius Perkins, RB, Mississippi State

We continue to look at some of the 2014 NFL draft prospects in relation to the New York Jets

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE


I'm staying with the seniors here with Perkins who has been a productive back in the SEC with the Mississippi State bulldogs. Now running back is probably not a massive need for us considering we have Powell and Ivory. A receiving 3rd down back may be on the agenda, and while Perkins is hardly outstanding in this area, he has had some success receiving in college. The Jets did meet with Perkins at the East/West shrine game, but we'll meet with over 100 prospects over the course of the process and will only draft around 8 of them. So I don't get too caught up on this kind of information.

Rated as the 24th best prospect in Mississippi following his senior year in high school, Perkins decided to stay close to home committing with the bulldogs. After sitting his freshman year, he burst onto the scene in his redshirt freshman year and never looked back. Although his production wasn't quite as good this year thanks to the emergence of Dak Prescott, he still started all 12 games for the bulldogs and will be an interesting prospect to watch.


Height: 5"8

Weight: 189lb's

Class: Senior

Projected 40: 4.35-4.45


Year Rushes Yards Average Long TD Receptions Yards Average Long TD
2013 137 542 4.0 35 2 27 248 9.2 32 3
2012 205 1016 5.0 64 8 19 160 8.4 24 2
2011 87 422 4.9 40 2 13 59 4.5 20 2
2010 101 566 5.6 51 3 9 247 27.4 81 3


  • Build: Got a very strong core, big thighs and broad shoulders. Distributes his weight well and has a very powerful lower body that allows him to break through arm tackles.
  • Acceleration: He may not look like a burner, but he gets up to top speed very quickly, and when you are bursting through a hole in the line, having that quick acceleration will serve you well.
  • Vision: He can be a very patient runner, who uses his vision to spot cut-back opportunities, has a great stop-start move that everyone talks about, leads to a lot of misses tackles.
  • Soft hands: Quite simple, Mississippi State should have used him more as a receiver, he has very soft hands and secures the ball before turning up field.
  • Open Field: Although he isn't a burner, he has quickness, pace and good feet to make cuts in the open field. This makes him dangerous as a runner and as a receiver.

  • Doesn't run as fast as his 40 time would suggest. I expect him to be at that 4.4 mark but doesn't always translate to game speed.
  • Motor: In 2012 he had a lot of carries, in 2013 I thought he ran out of a steam towards the end of the season. He was being caught from behind and he wasn't able to extend those long runs into scoring runs.
  • Pass Protection: I didn't see him pass protect a lot in college, but when he did he seemed to dive into the oncoming pass rusher, with quicker more agile pass rushers in the NFL, he could be a liability when it comes to keeping the QB upright.
  • Too hesitant?: This is based on his inability to get the ball in the end-zone as a runner this season, sometimes I want him to just follow the blocker, but sometimes he wants to bounce it outside, and gets caught on the edge.

Perkins is one of those backs, one who doesn't blow you away with any one trait but is a really well rounded player. He hasn't got electric pace, or the power to drag 4 players into the end-zone. However he does have good speed, nice acceleration, good cutting ability and soft hands. So I can see why teams would be interested in him this season in the later rounds.

Would I draft him for the Jets?

I wouldn't have any problem drafting him where he is touted to go. A 4th-6th round prospect who probably finds his home in the 5th round. He has enough to get you interested, but not enough to get you infatuated. I do think his receiving ability is undervalued, and I think if developed, he could be a nice compliment and potential every down back. So if the Jets like what they see and select him in the 5th or 6th round, I wouldn't have any problem with that at all.