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The 2014 NFL Combine Preview


If you follow the draft, you know that tomorrow the 2014 NFL Combine begins in Indianapolis, IN. Here is the schedule for each position:

Saturday, Feb. 22: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams

Sunday, Feb. 23: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers

Monday, Feb. 24: Defensive linemen, linebackers

Tuesday, Feb. 25: Defensive backs

What I am most excited for is to see Dri Archer run the 40-yard dash, because there is a real chance he breaks Chris Johnson's record of 4.24 seconds. However, regardless of the results, at nearly every position, there is little to be learned. We already know Archer is fast; whether he breaks the record won't change that. Likewise, we've already seen all the film of the players, and that's what matters most. It doesn't matter if they can catch the ball in gym shorts and perfect condition; how do they do it in game conditions? Getting too caught up in the combine is what leads athletic freaks that aren't good football players climb in the draft.

Another thing that doesn't matter are the reports you'll hear about players meeting with teams. Every player meets with every team, often multiple times. Sometimes it's as simple as getting updated contact information, sometimes they have players break down film, sometimes they ask deep questions about family stability and how they grew up. Without knowing the actual content of the conversations, news that player X is meeting with team X simply doesn't matter.

Do you watch the combine? If so, who or what will you be watching?