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Super Bowl XLVIII Open Thread

Jeff Zelevansky

Today the Lombardi Trophy gets handed out. This year the top team in the regular season from the AFC meets the NFC's best from the regular season.  The top offense in the league meets the best defense in the league. It is the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium, the Jets' home field.

All season long I have thought Denver was the best team in the NFL. I think they will win today also. I like this matchup. I think the Seahawks will slow Denver down, but I do not think they will shut them down. The Broncos have too many weapons. I see Denver scoring too many points for Seattle's offense to match. It also doesn't seem like weather will be a factor, which works to the Broncos' advantage. Plus Seattle is away from its awesome homefield advantage.

Leave your Super Bowl thoughts below.

JB's Playoff Prediction Record: 7-3