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Potential Jets: Chris Johnson

Should the Jets make a play on CJ2K?

Andy Lyons

There are currently rumors that Chris Johnson will soon be cut from the Tennessee Titans due to his impending $8 million salary next year, and will be a free agent. If this is true, the New York Jets would be wise to bring Johnson in for a visit and, if financially feasible, sign him to a multi-year contract. Although Johnson’s performance has suffered since his 2,000 yard season, he has never gone below 1,000 yards in a season in six years. He is still a dynamic threat that is averaging 4.53 yards/attempt (better than the likes of Frank Gore, Arian Foster, Maurice Jones-Drew, Reggie Bush, Ray Rice, Matt Forte, Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch, Steven Jackson, and others) over his career and has caught no less than thirty-six passes in a season.

I think Johnson desperately needs a change of scenery. He’s seemingly lost some motivation on the listless Titans, and I think he’d be a fantastic partner to Chris Ivory and would give the Jets a home run threat, which they desperately need. He’s much better than Mike Goodson, and much more durable. He has never missed a game, despite playing on a torn meniscus this season. If the price is right, and to me that means no more than $2-3 million per year, John Idzik should make signing Chris Johnson a priority.