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Shaun Hill: Potential Jets

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If the Jets look to upgrade their depth at quarterback, Shaun Hill might receive some consideration. The 8 year veteran of 3 NFL teams turned 34 in January and is set to become a free agent.

Hill has put together a decent resume mainly as a backup quarterback. He has 25 NFL starts under his belt. He has an adequate 61.9% completion percentage and a very solid 41 touchdown to 23 interception ratio. His 4.2% touchdown rate and 2.4% career interception rate both rank in the top 7 among active quarterbacks according to His 6.7 yards per attempt are pedestrian, but Hill has proven to be a relatively efficient protector of the football when he has played.

Hill is far from a top level quarterback. There are reasons he has never been able to hold down a starting job. He is limited physically. His lack of arm strength is a big knock. He is a guy who has maxed out limited natural ability. There also have to be questions about his age. He has not played regularly since subbing for an injured Matthew Stafford in 2010. It is quite possible his physical tools have diminished, which could render a guy without top tools to begin with ineffective.

Hill's last contract paid him under $3 million per year. His value has not gone up since then so he will likely be affordable. It says more about the lack of quality of free agent quarterbacks than it does about Hill when I say he is one of the relatively attractive options for the Jets in this class to push and potentially back Geno Smith up. The Jets should probably at least explore Hill as an option.