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What Can the New York Jets Not Afford to Do?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There are some disasters you can see coming from a mile away. Drafting Ken O'Brien instead of Dan Marino is one of those things, as is drafting Kyle Brady instead of Warren Sapp. The New York Jets are in an excellent position this offseason, with plenty of salary cap space and draft picks. There are certain things they need to do; acquire wide receivers and tight ends; re-sign multiple free agents, etc.

But there are certain things they absolutely cannot do, such as waste a first round pick on a player that can be drafted later, or blow their entire stash of money on a big name free agent or two. With so many holes, nearly every dart will land on the board.

However, what are some of the things the team can't afford to do? I'm not referring to obvious things, such as giving Nick Folk a ten-year, $100 million contract with $80 million guaranteed. Maybe you're opposed to drafting a quarterback in the first round, or even a specific player. What are those things that the team just can't do and expect to be successful next season?