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Jets Have 5th Best Offseason Outlook: Sports Illustrated


Sports Illustrated took a look at every NFL team's offseason outlook, and the Jets tied for fifth.

5. (tie) New York Jets

Breakdown: FAs: 4 | Cap: 3.5 | Draft: 3 | GM: 2 | TOTAL: 12.5

Sure, the Jets have 18 pending free agents (and four more RFAs), but how many are essential? Emerging OT Austin Howard and … that’s about it. Kicker Nick Folk or veterans like Calvin Pace and Willie Colon could return, but other options are out there. Doubly so because the Jets have ample cap space. In his second year as GM, John Idzik has an opportunity to leave an indelible mark.  – CB

Either way, I think this will be a defining offseason for John Idzik. There is no way his job is on the line next year, but he is likely to either lay the foundation for a long and prosperous run or miss the best opportunity he will have as general manager of the Jets. Hopefully it will be the former.