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Nick Folk's Extra Point Idea

Andy Lyons

Nick Folk spoke with the Dom Cosentino today and offered an idea on how the NFL can change the extra point.

In a phone conversation this week, Folk said his idea is even better. NFL uprights are currently 18 feet, 6 inches apart. Folk suggested keeping them that way, but adding two additional uprights in the middle that would be nine feet apart—the same distance used in arena football leagues.

For extra points, Folk said, kicks would have to sail between the two middle uprights. For field goals, everything would stay the same—the outer uprights would still be the target, and it wouldn't matter if a field goal try clanged off one of the middle uprights, since the ball would be between the outer uprights anyway.

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I do not view the extra point as necessary. It eats up extra time for what is almost automatic. I don't think Folk's proposal would have a very big impact. I would rather see the NFL give teams the option of being given one point after a touchdown automatically if they choose or going for two.

What do you think?