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How Must Rex Ryan Change?

Rex Ryan is an ever-evolving individual. How does he need to change next?

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In 2011, Rex Ryan decided he wanted to take more of a figurehead role and let Brian Schottenheimer run the offense and Mike Pettine the defense. After a disastrous 8-8 season in which there was a chasm in the locker room the size of Tom Brady's ego, Ryan decided to become more hands-on, which he had been previously.

After Pettine left the team for the Buffalo Bills, Ryan became more involved with the defense, to the point that he is, again, effectively the defensive coordinator. By all accounts, he leaves almost all of the offense to Marty Mornhinweg, except possibly the overall direction.

Following another 8-8 season, Ryan must adapt once again. If he doesn't change something, there's little reason to expect much improvement next season. The question is, how? Should he become more involved in the offense? I think most will agree that's a bad idea, as Ryan has admitted he knows nearly nothing about that aspect of the game.

I think the area Ryan needs to improve most upon are his playing time determinations. We saw towards the end of the season that Ed Reed was benched more for Antonio Allen, but Reed probably shouldn't have been playing that much to begin with. There were also questions about if letting Dee Milliner start the whole season, and get benched several times, was the right move. Similarly, Antonio Cromartie was seriously injured but continued to get the bulk of the playing time.

It's well known that Ryan is loyal to a fault to his guys, and that's part of what makes him who he is, a player's coach. However, he's obviously not flawless and there are certain things he needs to get better at to continue to develop as a head coach. What do you think some of those things are?