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What Must John Idzik Do?

How should the GM set his priorities this offseason?

What Must John Idzik Do?
What Must John Idzik Do?
Jason Szenes

Going into every offseason, each team has a list of priorities of things they need to accomplish. The New York Jets are no different. Although we aren't privy to the inner conversations of the front office, we know John Idzik has a list of things he has to accomplish this offseason. For example, that list could include "acquire a free safety," but might not include, "draft another defensive end."

Determinations such as this guide the team's path in free agency and the draft. If Idzik places a high priority on getting a premier wide receiver, he might be willing to dedicate more money to bidding on a player in free agency. If there's a low priority on getting a fullback to compete with Tommy Bohanon, he might leave those resources to simply signing an undrafted free agent.

So what should Idzik's priorities be? I think most will agree that he absolutely has to acquire some playmakers for Geno Smith (or whoever the quarterback is next year). That may be in the form of multiple wide receivers or a dynamic tight end. Another big priority is getting a right guard to replace Willie Colon, should he not be re-signed. There are rumors the team expects Oday Aboushi to take that spot. I guess we will find out if that's true soon.

Other priorities may include locking up Muhammad Wilkerson and Austin Howard to long term deals. Depending on if you're a fan, Nick Folk is in that group as well.

Back to my initial question, what should Idzik's priorities be? Is it re-signing Wilkerson? Trading the house for Sammy Watkins? What do you think?