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Zach Sudfeld: 2013 and Beyond

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets claimed Zach Sudfeld off waivers from the Patriots in October. It would be fair to say that his contribution to the Jets in 11 games was minimal. He caught 5 passes for 63 yards. The game where he made the biggest impact was New York's victory over the Saints, where he had receptions for 25 and 21 yards.

Sudfeld was an undrafted free agent out of Nevada in 2013. The Patriots picked him up in part because of his impressive size at 6'7" and 260 pounds along with impressive measurables for a man of his size, including a 4.71 time in the 40 yard dash.

The fact Sudfeld could not stick in New England given that team's sudden tight end shortage is a strike against him. So is his age. He will be 25 by Week 1, which means he is closer to the finished product than most rookies. His lack of production when he had a chance to step up with the Jets is strike three.

Does three strikes mean you are out? In Sudfeld's case, I wouldn't say so. While it is very unlikely he will ever amount to anything, I would probably bring him to camp. For many players the biggest improvement is between years one and two. Given his solid measurables, there is an off chance things click for him with an offseason under his belt.

What do you think?