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Percy Harvin Has Low Ankle Sprain

It's good news for the New York Jets as it is revealed Percy Harvin has a low ankle sprain rather than a high ankle sprain.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

When Percy Harvin left the locker room on Sunday on crutches, you could be forgiven for thinking the worst. Harvin has constantly struggled with injuries since entering the league and the way the season has gone, it seemed fitting that he would injure himself after having a break out game.

Fortunately for us, the Jets revealed yesterday that x-rays were negative and Harvin had suffered a low ankle sprain rather than a high one. High ankle sprains take several weeks to heal and had it been that injury, it's likely he would have been shut down for the season.

I wouldn't expect to see Harvin back for the game against the Titans but he could play a part in our games against New England and Miami:

What that means for Sunday, I'm not real sure," Ryan said. "It probably doesn't look that great, but we'll see as it progresses."

Percy is really playing for his future, either in New York or somewhere else. Percy has a contract worth over $10 million next year and it's hard to imagine the Jets paying him that kind of money. It may be that we can cut him and re-sign him to a more cap frienly contract, or it may be that we move in different directions.

Jace Amaro may be cleared this week to practise and play, and Muhammad Wilkerson will practise this week in a special protective boot. Personally I don't see the point risking Mo at this point in the season but it'll be good to see him out there none the less.

Antonio Allen broke his hand against the Vikings, but will be practising and playing as usual.