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John Idzik Has Alienated Staff According To ESPN

Respected league insider Adam Schefter has revealed that John Idzik has alienated a lot of people within the Jets organization.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortuantely for the Jets, it's another weekend of losing football and reports of discontent from within the organization. This weekend it came in the form of a report by Adam Schefter who revealed several sources had indicated that coaches and staff within the Jets organization were unhappy with the way John Idzik operates:

It's not revealed exactly how Idzik has upset people, with the sources only referencing that Idzik had failed to play the game of politics within the organization. It's becoming very clear that John Idzik has no future with the New York Jets and keeping him on as general manager would be a huge mistake for a franchise trending in the wrong direction.

The report went on to state:

Jets management is aware of the unhappiness being expressed about Idzik and that is expected to be a consideration when Jets owner Woody Johnson decides just how major the changes he makes to the organization will be.

It looks as though the rebuilding project undertaken by Idzik will last just two years. You can afford your GM time if everyone within the organization buys into his philosophy. It's becoming painfully obvious that staff within the organization have become disillusioned with the direction of the franchise and the management job Idzik is doing.

At this point we can only guess at why so many people seem to dislike Idzik's management style. Perhaps it's the reluctance to spend and land any key free agencys. Perhaps it's the roster building job in general or the fact he seemed to interfere in player selections. Perhaps it's a whole host or none of the above. The Jets now need to move on from John Idzik.