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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 14

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Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It's as much a weekly tradition here at GGN as the Jets losing is. Let's give out an anti-game ball.

I think this week we are going to have multiple winners of the anti-game ball. The entire secondary gets it.

There was the missed tackle by Jaiquawn Jarrett in overtime that led to the game-winning touchdown. Darrin Walls, Marcus Williams, and Philip Adams were all beaten deep on moves that either resulted in a long touchdown or should have. Adams got bailed out by his pass rush, but a clean pocket would have resulted in a touchdown. Walls also got outfought for a ball near the end of regulation that set up a game-winning field goal try for Minnesota. He did have an interception, but it was of the Hail Mary variety.

The secondary has been a weakness all season. It is one of the worst collective secondaries in the NFL. This week it gets the anti-game ball.

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