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Rex: Jets Are In Good Hands With Woody Johnson

Blame the coaches, blame the players, just don't blame Woody Johnson.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Moments after the Vikings beat the Jets in overtime 30-24, Woody Johnson moved past the media without stopping for a comment, with Jets officials either side, Woody was in no mood to stop and swap pleasantries with anyone, let alone the people who will ask the toughest questions. Simply put, Woody Johnson owns a 2-11 team, with rumours of dysfunction and a toxic environment.

However if you're looking to blame the owner, don't run that theory past Rex:

"I'm responsible for this, and I'll tell Woody and our fans and everybody else: This is on me," Ryan said Sunday after the New York Jets dropped to 2-11 with a 30-24 overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

"Obviously, I deserve a lot of criticism for the way this team has performed this season," the coach continued. "I get that, no question, but Woody doesn't. The Jets are in good hands with him as the owner, that's for sure."

Some will say that Rex is trying to butter up the owner who will likely fire him in three weeks time, but at this point that would be redundant. There is no way back for Rex, he's a man on borrowed time. Even if Woody wanted to keep him, he simply couldn't market it to the Jets fanbase. He certainly couldn't keep Rex and fire Idzik, after all thrusting a head coach on one GM is bad enough, but on two? No chance.

"Woody's a competitor, he wants what's best for this football team," Ryan said. "He's passionate and he wants to put a great product on the field."

If that's the case, a house clean is just around the corner. The product he's seen on the field this season certainly isn't great, it's not good, hell it isn't even average, it's terrible.

I don't really blame Woody Johnson, I would like to see him agressively attack a head coach with a record of winning in the NFL. Since Woody bought the team in 2000, we've seen Al Groh take his first head coaching assignment. Herman Edwards experience his first head coaching gig, same with Eric Mangini and now Rex Ryan. He has consistently hired people with no head coaching experience, lets hope in his next coaching search, he goes for experience.