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Vikings 30 Jets 24 (Overtime): Victor Cruz Redux

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost again today. Minnesota defeated New York 30-24 in overtime on Jarius Wright's 87 yard catch and run for a touchdown. It was a play that resembled Victor Cruz's 99 yard touchdown three years ago against the Jets in a game of much more importance. The Jets are now 2-11. Let's jump below for yet another unhappy recap.

The Bad:

Jaiquawn Jarrett: The hero from the team's last win was the goat on the play of the game this week. Jarrett had a clear shot to tackle Wright but missed. It wasn't just a big play because it went for a touchdown. Jarrett making the tackle there forces Minnesota to punt from inside its own 20. A field goal would have won it for the Jets.

Darrin Walls: Whenever the Vikings wanted to get anything against Walls, it was there. He bit on a double move that allowed a long touchdown. In the closing moments of regulation, he got outfought for a ball that could have been an interception, opening the door for the Vikings to attempt a game-winning field goal. He also got caught in traffic on the Wright winner.

Marcus Williams: The opponent finally went after him today, and the results were not very good. Williams played a very soft zone with a lot of cushion on a third and short. He was also burned for a touchdown where he again played too soft and got totally taken out of the play by a move the receiver made. Officially it won't count against him because the receiver fumbled, and it was recovered for a touchdown. This game might have gone some way to exposing Williams for future opponents.

Phillip Adams: Adams doesn't really have many instincts. He was beaten a few times, and got burned badly on a double move. Had Teddy Bridgewater been given a clean pocket, it would have been a layup touchdown, but Adams got bailed out by his pass rush.

Jeff Cumberland: Poor blocking, a penalty, and a ball that hit his hands in the end zone that fell to the turf. It's getting tough to envision Cumberland being back in 2015.

Chris Johnson: Johnson didn't do a whole lot to build off his big game last week. He didn't show much explosion getting an identical 16 carries to Chris Ivory but averaging a whole yard less. There was also a critical play late in the second half where Johnson appeared to miss his block on third down. A desperate Geno Smith dumped the ball to him, but Johnson couldn't beat a defender to get to the sticks.

Chris Ivory: I thought Ivory ran the ball well. The run blocking didn't look great, but Ivory created yardage by making people miss and contorting his body at angles the defenders couldn't get. Statistically 16 carries for 73 yards is solid. He had a red zone fumble lost, though, in a game the Jets lost in overtime. That loomed large.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson: It looked like he was beaten on multiple occasions.

The Good:

Sheldon Richardson: I think Richardson was the best player on the field for either team today. He posted 3 sacks, which is even more impressive when considering he didn't have Muhammad Wilkerson to eat up blockers and draw attention. The first was an impressive display of athleticism as he blew past a left tackle to register a safety. The second was a bit of a coverage sack but still an impressive hustle play as he was one on one against Teddy Bridgewater and the only thing between Bridgewater and a big scramble. You also have to admire the effort Richardson showed trying unsuccessfully to chase down Wright on the game-winning touchdown. He had left the game with an injury. Here he was playing hobbled and still showing effort in overtime of a game where his team was 2-10.

Geno Smith: Geno got off to a very shaky start. His first pass was a pick six where it looked like he stared down his receiver and lost sight of a linebacker. He then made some suspect throws, including his touchdown to Percy Harvin. He did settle in and played a solid game. From the first look, it seemed like the Vikings gave the Jets' receivers too much respect. There was plenty of room underneath, and Geno took advantage. It wasn't perfect. There were moments where his presnap reads were poor, which led to free runners coming at him. He also threw late and dangerously inaccurate balls. That is one of the problems with Geno. When he missed, those misses are dangerous far too frequently. He didn't really pay the price in this one. I don't know that this is the start of anything, but it was a solid overall effort. It was nice to at least see traces of competency.

Nick Folk: He was five for five on field goal tries today. It was a nice bounceback effort, although I suspect too much will be made of it.

Percy Harvin: He was a beneficiary of the way the Vikings covered the Jets. He also broke a big play early shaking free from coverage for a 45 yard gain. There was also the 35 yard touchdown where he made a great adjustment to an underthrown ball. Harvin ended with 6 catches for 124 yards despite getting hurt.

Eric Decker: He was successful working underneath also and then added a big 26 yard reception in overtime.

That's all she wrote for this one. Three games left in the season, the Rex Ryan Era, and quite possibly the John Idzik Era.