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Percy Harvin Suffers Ankle Injury

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

You might have missed it, but Percy Harvin left the game in the second half with an injury, which prevented him from being on the field down the stretch and returning the overtime kickoff. He suffered an ankle injury.

For the purposes of the 2014 New York Jets, this news will not make a lot of difference. His immediate status for next week is unclear, but the season was lost long ago. The Jets were already out of realistic postseason contention by the time they traded for Harvin.

This might have more to do with the decision the team will have to make in the offseason. Harvin will cost the Jets an early fourth round pick and $10.5 million against the cap if he is on the roster next year without changing the terms of his contract. He only costs an early sixth round pick and nothing against the cap if he is not. Harvin has a number of issues with his game, and one of them is the trouble he has staying on the field due to injuries. We will have to wait to see how this impacts any decision.