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Jets @ Vikings: Five Bold Predictions

Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise. - Horace

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Disclaimer:  A Bold Prediction is not something that is likely or probable to happen. Bold Predictions are guesses that are beyond what anyone can reasonably expect to happen, but not so far as to be physically impossible. Saying that Geno Smith is going to throw for 162 yards and one touchdown is not a bold prediction.  Well, maybe that's a bad example.  Let's try that again.  Saying that Chris Ivory will run for 423 yards and eight touchdowns is not a Bold Prediction, nor is saying that Jeff Cumberland will not catch a pass. By definition, Bold Predictions are unlikely, but not impossible, to occur.  Since this is a Jets site, they are also pro-Jets predictions. As always, the Final Score prediction is meant to be realistic, not a Bold Prediction.

Let's take a quick look at last week's Bold Predictions results before moving on to Sunday's game.  I was pretty close on ... err... ummm ... well, I wasn't that far off on ... uhhh ... let's face it, I wasn't within a light year of getting one right last week.  Sigh.   My record now stands at five correct predictions out of 60 on the year.  What can I say?  It's a gift.   My bonus prediction was Geno Smith would not exit the game with boos raining down on him.  Although the game did end with a Geno interception, he wasn't really booed off the field.  More of a dispirited sigh of collective resignation with a smattering of half-hearted boos by Jets fans.  So I got this one right for the wrong reasons.  That makes me five for 12 on bonus predictions.  I brought my record to 5-7 in predicting the winner of the game, having correctly predicted a Jets loss to the Dolphins.

Let's see what I can get wrong this week.

Here are my five Bold Predictions for Sunday's game:

1.  Chris Ivory will go off for 110+ yards from scrimmage and a touchdown.

2.  Geno Smith will rush for more yards than any Vikings player.

3.  The Jets will double the Vikings rushing yardage.

4.  Demario Davis and David Harris will combine for 20+ tackles and 1.5+ sacks.

5.  Sheldon Richardson will finally get another sack.  In fact, he'll get 1.5 or more sacks, the first multiple sack game of his career.

And a bonus prediction:  There will be a Jeff Cumberland sighting, and it won't be for getting destroyed in his blocking assignment. OK, maybe it will be for getting destroyed in his blocking assignment, but there will be another Jeff Cumberland sighting, and that one will be Cumberland putting up 20+ receiving yards for only the second time since opening day.

Final Score:  The Vikings are not a good team, but they're better than the Jets. They're also at home.  With two bad offenses, it will likely be a low scoring affair.   But with the Vikings better at taking care of the football and the Jets being a horrendous road team, this one will be a Vikings win.  Vikings 19, Jets 13.