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Braylon Edwards Sounds Off On The Jets

Braylon Edwards caught up with our friends at SNY this week to talk everything New York Jets

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to instantly disregard this based on it coming from Braylon Edwards. After all he was here for a very short period of time. However as a player who played for this organizaiton, he's played for this owner and he's played with a lot of these coaches.

Speaking to Chris Carlin on SNY's GEICO SportsNite Braylon covered a range of topics including Eric Decker choosing the money of New York over the possibility of success in Denver. A comment that Jessie James Decker took exception too. She simply explained there was no offer on the table, you can't accept something that hasn't been offered. That seems fair to me. However it should also be noted she said how happy they both were in New Jersey/New York.

However that wasn't the area I wanted to look at. He had some interesting things to say about Rex.

It is very hard to watch. Knowing Rex and having played for Rex, you know that Rex is a guy that, I think on one level what people don't see is, they eluded to it last night on Monday Night Football in the wrap-up, is that these coaches go all off-season preparing game plans with the talent they're going to have, with the player personnel they are going to have. They work countless nights, they sleep at the building, they sacrifice family time so that they can put together what they believe to be the best product. And when you go through all those nights and those days and those months and this is what happens, looking at 2-10, this isn't what you set out to do. This isn't what your players have been busting their butts for. It is almost sad that it happens to some teams, and you can see it in Rex's demeanor. In his post-game interview, he sounded very emotionally drained cause he is giving everything. His players are giving everything. You can see that they're still fighting, they're still playing, they're still professional, but they're just not getting it done. They're getting beat by teams in the end and it's very miserable and it is very frustrating. It is kind of really hard to watch especially as someone who has played for Rex and really respects him as a man and as a coach.

I don't want to sound as though I'm defending Rex but nobody sets up to fail. Rex isn't doing a bad job through lack of effort. I know for a fact that he puts in countless hours, nights at the facility trying to come up with the best game plan to beat the upcoming opponent. As fans we become frustrated with the product we see on the field, it's a natural reaction. However who here doesn't think Rex is just as frustrated? Anyone? He knows at the end of this year he's likely going to have to uproot his whole family and move them cross country.

Now it's the nature of the business and Rex is compensated nicely for the uncertainty that surrounds his job. However Rex is a guy who loves to win, you don't need to be his best friend to know that. I wrote several weeks ago that if Woody plans to fire Rex at the end of the season, he should do everyone a favour and make that call now. Give everyone time to adapt. After all Rex has been here for 6 years, he has the loyalty of a lot of players and whoever comes in to take over from Rex, will bring a culture change.We need that, but we need to remember that nobody comes to work and hopes to fail.

CC: Do you see an almost resignation on his part right now to this situation?

BE: I don't know what's up next for Rex. If you just look at what's going on. They just haven't gotten it done this year, they didn't get it done last year. This year has been a very bad year record wise, incident wise, and just player wise. Yesterday, I want to say, they only had 13 passing attempts which is the lowest this season. It just does not seem that Rex can rebound this team in the right direction. Don't get me wrong they have some players. They have some things going on, but I just think it needs a new start.

I 100% agree with this. It's time for a new start. I don't think Rex can rebound this team, that doesn't mean he won't have success somewhere else, it doesn't mean we won't have success once he's gone, it just means that in this climate, both sides need to break and go their separate ways. In fact in many ways this situation is similar to that of Mark Sanchez.

He came in here and had success to begin with. Slowly his play started to decline and fans started to get on his back, lose faith and want a different direction. He moved on and found a great situation in Philadelphia which allowed him to grow and nurture his talent in an environment that matched his skills. Rex needs to do the same thing.