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Jets Sign Kona Schwenke To Practice Squad

The Jets made a minor move yesterday signing rookie Kona Schwenke to the teams practice squad.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't really a major move but the Jets have signed the former Notre Dame lineman to the practice squad.

I had the chance to watch him quite a lot over the last few years and he was very much a rotational guy. Playing inside and out and not making many eye-catching plays. He is quite an explosive guy and always got off the ball well. He has good acceleration and speed for a big guy and completed his senior season with  23 tackles and a half a sack his senior season.

Unfortuantely for Schwenke he lacks a little bulk and can get overpowered and pushed arund at the point of attack, obviously a major concern for NFL teams and for a defensive lineman. He didn't really do it in college, so I don't have much faith he'll do it in the NFL. However everyone deserves a chance and we have excellent coaches for the defensive line, so who knows.

Kona was a UDFA following last years draft and signed with the Chiefs for camp. He was released prior to the season and signed to the practice squad before being released from the Cheifs and being signed by the Patriots to their practice squad. New England released him last month and the Jets officially signed him yesterday.