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Jets Coaching Search: Casserly Reaches Out to Jim Mora

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta reports Charley Casserly has been in touch with UCLA head coach Jim Mora.

Mora is the son of the former Saints and Colts head coach of the same name. He has posted a 28-11 record in three seasons at UCLA.

He has two different stints as an NFL head coach and a 32-34 record with one Playoff appearance in four seasons. He last three years in Atlanta and was fired after one season in Seattle, replaced by Pete Carroll.

Carroll might be an interesting career doppleganger for Mora. Like Mora, Carroll had two previous unsuccessful NFL stints, one lasting three years and the other lasting one, before going to a college in Los Angeles to resurrect his career. Of course, these are only superficial coincidences and don't guaranteed he would have similar success in an NFL return.

Mora made a number of questionable decisions during his time running NFL teams, such as putting Michael Vick into Greg Knapp's offense in Atlanta. His Seahawks team also fell apart in his one season there.

I would like to see the Jets to look more at college coaches in this search. That is where the bulk of the promising candidates seem to be. I don't think Mora is one of them.

It is also worth noting no interview with Mora has been scheduled of yet so the level of interest is unclear.