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Rex Ryan "Embarrased" About 2-10 Record

Rex Ryan said recently he couldn't believe his team was 2-9, well the reality has set in that his team is now 2-10 and he's embarrasaed.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan came to New York as a fighter, a man whose middle name was 'bravado'. Recently he has been a shadow of his former self, but that's what happens when your facing your second double digit loss season in three years and your fourth year without a play-off game.

In 2012 the team finished 6-10, this year we'll be lucky to finish 4-12 and it could be that we end the season 2-14, that's a very real possibility. Rex Ryan who's first two years in the big apple were a major success, is finding it hard to comprehend and he feels embarrased by the state of the franchise:

"Yep, absolutely, 100 percent," Ryan said. "I'm embarrassed for myself absolutely. It is, it's an embarrassment. It's definitely embarrassing to me. I feel like I've let my owner down. I've let our fan base down. So, yeah of course. There's no doubt."

I have been as critical as anyone when it comes to the coaching this team has seen over the last year or so, but I can't help feel sorry for Rex who's fighting a losing battle. He has a GM who gave him a roster that was incapable of making the post-season, it has a lack of talent. He has a GM who seems to interfere in selection decisions, resulting in players losing the will to fight.

There is a lot wrong with this football team and as a result a new start is probably better for everyone. However I can't help but feel sorry for Rex and when he does leave, and he will leave, I'll wish him all the best