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Jets Request to Interview Trent Kirchner

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport has another candidate for general manager.

It would be interesting to see the Jets go back to a Seattle guy right after John Idzik, but the Seahawk ties shouldn't be a disqualifier. The Seahawks are in strong position to win a second consecutive Super Bowl, and those who are responsible deserve a look for a team that needs an infusion of talent. Kirchner likely played a much bigger role in Seattle's success than Idzik did while he was there.

Kirchner joined Seattle in 2010 and was promoted to his current job in 2013. Prior to joining the Seahawks, he worked for the Carolina Panthers as a scout and with Washington before that.

Seattle has been one of the model franchises of the NFL in building a contender through the Draft.