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Woody Johnson Says Next GM Will Have Scouting Background

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Woody Johnson spoke with the press today addressing the firings of Rex Ryan and John Idzik. I was a bit surprised with the way Woody handled it. He provided real answers to tough questions asked. He took responsibility and admitted making a mistake with the hiring of John Idzik. He strongly hinted that there was a disconnect between Idzik and Ryan.

Perhaps the most notable news was the profile Woody painted of his next general manager hire.

The last two general managers, Idzik and Mike Tannenbaum, had backgrounds on the business side of operations.

The most important and toughest part will be finding the right candidate with a scouting background. Just having a scouting background won't be enough. They will need somebody who can make proper evaluations and can build a team of personnel professionals who will make good recommendations.