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Mortensen: John Idzik Likely to Be Fired; Rex Ryan's Fate Might Be Up to New GM

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mortensen reports John Idzik is likely to be fired while Rex Ryan's fate might be up in the air.

John Idzik is expected to be fired by the New York Jets after two years as the team's general manager but Rex Ryan's fate as coach possibly could be decided by the GM who replaces Idzik, according to league sources.


While Johnson ultimately could make that decision, one source said the owner remains fond of Ryan and would prefer that Idzik's replacement make the call on the coach. The source did speculate that Ryan could try to persuade Johnson not to leave him in a state of indecision.

This would be the wrong way to go. The Jets need a clean break. Doing this marries the team to a general manager in charge approach. A number of the top coaching candidates want final say over personnel. A strong coach formula can work in the NFL. Teams like Seattle and New England give the head coach final say and leave the general manager in more of an advisory role. The Jets shouldn't close this option just to potentially give Rex yet another chance.

And a change at head coach is most definitely in order. There just shouldn't be a circumstance where Rex gets year seven based on his work this year.