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Jets vs. Dolphins 2014: Game Time, TV, and More

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

During the first 16 weeks of the NFL season, CBS and FOX alternate showing a doubleheader each Sunday. The other network shows one game. On Week 17, both networks show a doubleheader.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Jets at Dolphins early on CBS

Eagles at Giants early on FOX

Panthers at Falcons late on CBS

Lions at Packers late on FOX

The 1:00 PM Eastern kickoff for the Jets will only be seen in the New York market and in South Florida. Since the game has no meaning for either team, CBS is only showing the game in local markets. Click here for a visual representation.

You might be wondering why CBS is showing Jets vs. Dolphins at the same time as the Eagles vs. Giants game. If you have been paying attention to this weekly post, you probably remember me repeatedly mentioning the rule that when a local team plays at home, no other game may be broadcast in the same timeslot. The NFL has another rule that the entirety of all local team games must be broadcast. The second rule outranks the first.

You also might be wondering why the Panthers vs. Falcons game pitting NFC teams is on CBS. NFC games are usually on FOX. The NFL's new TV contract allows the league to move NFC games to CBS and AFC games to FOX to increase the number of people who will see them. The Carolina-Atlanta game is for the NFC South title, but much of the nation wouldn't get it if it was on FOX because it is being played at the same time as the Lions vs. Packers game for the NFC North title.

The entire nation will see Bengals at Steelers tonight on NBC.