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Jets Have The Least Touchdowns in the NFL

Here is a stat for you that will put this season into perspective. The Jets have the least total touchdowns in the NFL with 23. Jacksonville has the second fewest with 25. That means unless the Jets outscore the Jaguars by 3 touchdowns in their respective games tomorrow, Gang Green will finish the season with at least a share of this dubious distinction.

This doesn't just speak to the offensive struggles either. The Jets have zero return touchdowns and zero defensive touchdowns. They are one of only three teams in the league with no nonoffensive touchdowns. New Orleans and Washington are the others.

More than anything, this probably speaks to the complete lack of playmaking ability currently on the roster. Of course you already knew that, but it is quite striking to see it displayed in such a glaring way as we drop the final curtain on this ugly 2014 season.