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Woody Johnson Has Approached Ron Wolf to Serve as Consultant

Yesterday, we reported that Woody Johnson has Charley Casserly on deck if the team decides to fire John Idzik and/or Rex Ryan to help lead the search for their replacements. At the time, there were reports that Johnson would consult with other individuals as well. Today, Albert Breer is reporting that the team has reached out to Ron Wolf as well:

Wolf is one of the best general managers in league history. He played a part in drafting Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Ken Stabler, Jack Tatum, Howie Long, Marcus Allen, and Matt Millen. He traded for Brett Favre. He hired Mike Holmgren as his head coach and signed Reggie White as a free agent. He's one of the best there has ever been, no questions asked.

As we indicated yesterday, this is good news. It's refreshing to see Johnson reach out to true football people for guidance on how to approach the seemingly inevitable vacancies. It's clear that Johnson himself has no idea how to run the organization, so he's seeking guidance. This is how it works in business, especially if you don't know a particular field; you hire experts and listen to their advice.