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New York Jets: The Airing of Grievances

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Festivus. If you have never heard of Festivus, click here to read about the holiday.

Now come and join me around the aluminum pole. It is time for GGN's seven annual Festivus Airing of Grievances. Let us discuss all of the ways the Jets have let us down in the past year. Given the state of the team, this year's Airing of Grievances has special meaning.

Woody Johnson: Ultimately the state of the franchise is your responsibility. You bought into Rex Ryan. You bought into him so much that you made keeping Rex a condition of any general manager the team hired. You also bought into John Idzik. You told us they would be a winning combination. They have proven to be anything but.

John Idzik: I don't even know where to begin. Your player evaluations have almost all been off the mark. You haven't proven to be a capable negotiator. You failed to land too many quality free agents. The structuring of your contracts has been suspect at best. $1 million bought zero snaps of Dimitri Patterson. You haven't handled the media well at all. They are running you out of town. Based on all of the stories coming out about people unhappy with the job you are doing within the organization, it doesn't even sound like many of your people have bought into your plan. I see no vision that makes me confident you will turn this around.

Rex Ryan: Once again you have failed to build a credible NFL offense. Your teams make critical errors in key spots. You have mismanaged timeouts on a weekly basis. Even more than this, your player development has been suspect. After six straight first round picks spent on defensive players, how are there so many glaring holes on your defense?

Marty Mornhinweg: While you have been saddled with a less than stellar cast of players, your situational playcalling has not helped matters.

Geno Smith: You have not gotten better after a very choppy first season. Your fundamentals and mechanics are deeply flawed. You don't seem to throw with any sense of anticipation. You also seem to lack pocket presence.

Michael Vick: You put together a single great quarter against Buffalo and a single great quarter against Pittsburgh. Aside from those, your play has been as poor as any quarterback in the league. Even worse, you have admitted you didn't prepare for a game, difficult to accept from anybody but particularly a veteran.

Chris Johnson: Your days as a gamebreaker appear to be over. Your days complaining about not getting enough carries aren't.

Jeff Cumberland: You have proven to be a one trick pony. Your blocking is as poor as any tight end in the league. You might be athletic and big, but it is frequently difficult to tell in the passing game.

I now ask Nick Mangold to leave the room.

Offensive Line: While you do have a quarterback with minimal pocket presence and one who holds the ball too frequently, your pass protection has been poor, and your penalties have been numerous.

Quinton Coples: You simply are not getting the most out of your incredible athletic ability.

Cornerbacks: I don't think any of you should be seeing significant playing time in the NFL.

Calvin Pryor: Your rookie season has disappointed because of how many times you failed to prevent a long touchdown when you had a shot. There have also been a lack of impact plays.

Antonio Allen: You have lost assignments on critical plays at two different positions.

Add your grievances below.