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Head Coaching Search: Todd Bowles

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I had planned to write about Todd Bowles next in our search for a new head coach, since there are reports that the New York Jets are interested in him. However, with the news of Charley Casserly as a consultant, it makes extra sense to take a look at Bowles:

It would make sense, therefore, that if Casserly is helping guide the search, that we should take a good, hard look at Todd Bowles.

Bowles was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and went to Temple University, alma mater of Muhammad Wilkerson and Jaiquawn Jarrett. After a long playing career, Bowles became a defensive backs coach for the Jets in 2000. For four years, he was the secondary coach and assistant head coach for the Miami Dolphins, and replaced Tony Sparano for three games after he was fired. In those games, the Dolphins went 2-1. After a stint as the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, Bowles is now the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals and one of the hottest coordinators on the market.

"He's a genius when it comes to personnel and figuring out what opponents are going to do and trying to stop them," said cornerback Jerraud Powers, who believes Bowles' mind works more like that of an offensive coach, melding his game plans around exploiting a player's skillset.

Andy Reid has said he thinks Bowles will make a great head coach, stating that he believes "he's level-headed. He sees the big picture of things. He's a good communicator. He understands the players. He's really a brilliant guy." Despite the loss of DE John Abraham, OLB Darnell Dockett, and ILB Daryl Washington, the Cardinals have given up the fourth fewest average points in the league per game, at just 18.6.

As we discussed in the article on Dan Quinn, there are some concerns about hiring another defensive head coach. However, for those to whom that doesn't matter as much, Bowles is one of the best candidates available. In our next segment, we will take a look at Gus Malzahn, head coach of the Auburn Tigers.