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Woody Johnson to Hire Charley Casserly as Consultant

Many people have requested that Woody Johnson hire a football man not named Terry Bradway. A longstanding complaint has been that there aren't enough "football people" in the organization, a topic we've written about endlessly. According to Adam Schefter, that is going to change.

Per Schefter, team will hire Charley Casserly as a consultant in case (and seemingly inevitably) when the organization decides to move on from Rex Ryan and/or John Idzk. Presumably, Casserly will help find replacements for them. Casserly was the General Manager of the Washington Redskins from 1989 to 1999. He was then the GM of the Houston Texans from 2000-2006, and he is now an analyst for NFL Network. Casserly drafted a number of great players in his time as GM, including Champ Bailey, Andre Johnson, Mario Williams, and others.

It remains to be seen exactly what changes in the organization will be made, but it's refreshing to see an actual "football guy" not named Bradway as one of the higher ups in the organization.