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New York Jets Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 16

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Aw, shucks!
Aw, shucks!
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Despite my inclination to avoid giving the anti-game ball to the quarterback after a loss, there really isn't any way around it this week. New York Jets QB Geno Smith needs to get the anti-game ball this week.

I feel like as a fanbase we have become so accustomed to terrible quarterback play that we're willing to view anything other than the worst outings as positive. Yesterday Geno had some really good stretches, but that doesn't mean he played well. The interception just can't happen with a lead in the second half. It set up a big New England score. Geno also took a pair of critical sacks in scoring range. It seems like Geno is operating in slow motion. When he has four to five seconds to throw, he can make things happen. So can a lot of quarterbacks. Unless things are perfect around him, it's a struggle.

The bottom line is there were too few points for the number of big mistakes Geno made. Thus he gets the anti-game ball.

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