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Jim Harbaugh Not Willing To Discuss His Future With The San Francisco 49'ers

I think it's only natural we keep an eye on the 49'ers and the developments in San Francisco and it seems as though Jim Harbaugh isn't too concerned about his future.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If I were Jim Harbaugh I wouldn't be too worried about my future either. The coach will enter the final year of his 5 year $25 million contract with the 49'ers next off-season, as long as he lasts that long.

It's been a rough week for the 49'ers head coach. First San Francisco loses 19-3 to the rival Seattle Seahawks on thanksgiving evening. Then the CEO Jed York apologizes to the teams fans, saying the performance wasn't good enough. If that's not bad enough, the general managers daughter decides to post a tweet about firing offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

All of this culminated in the rumour mill going into overdrive about Jim's future in Santa Clara. Fortunately he doesn't allow such distractions into his life:

"I really, I don't worry about my future," he said Monday in his weekly media conference.

"I haven't participated in any of that speculation. I just, I think I have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future."

This weekend we read all over the internet aboit Jim Harbaugh being a target of the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets and it was largely thanks to ESPN insider Adam Schefter's tweet:

When asked about the social media distractions, Harbaugh wasn't ready to offer any excuses at all

"To me, that's not significant," said Harbaugh, who was not wearing his customary 49ers cap.

"What's significant is we move on without excuse and get it right. Make it right. That's our jobs."

Now I'm not sure if the Jets will approach Jim or even if he'd be interested in taking over in New York. That would be completely dependent on the situation he is presented with and the contract he is offered. However it's certainly worth keeping an eye on things. With the 49'ers currently out of the play-off hunt, at least for the time being, it seems less and less likely that Jim will return to the San Francisco area next year, at least to coach the 49'ers anyway.