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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 13

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's anti-game ball time.

There are three guidelines I have with the anti-game ball. First, I always try to give it to a player. Second, I try to avoid repeats. Third, I try to avoid giving it to the quarterback.

With these things in mind, Nick Folk gets my anti-game ball for the loss to the Miami Dolphins last night. Folk missed a pair of field goals on a night the Jets lost by a field goal, one from 48 yards and another from 45 that would have given the Jets the lead with less than 6:00 to go in the fourth quarter.

Don't look now, but Folk is tied for 21st in the league only making 83.3% of his kicks, and nobody has more misses between 40 and 49 yards. The Jets are also near the bottom of the league in producing touchbacks. Folk meanwhile has a top ten salary. It is under the radar, but this is money that probably could have been better spent, and it was easy enough to predict at the time.

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