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Dolphins 16 Jets 13: Back to the Kotite Years

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets fell to 2-10 tonight losing 16-13 to the Dolphins at MetLife Stadium. The Jets blew a 10-0 lead in this one. The story of the game will likely be the astonishing run to pass ratio of over 3 to 1 New York sported while only throwing 13 forward passes.  Let's recap this bizarre game below.

The Bad:

Nick Folk: I have a feeling the $3 million man will escape scrutiny as most people focus on the playcalling and the passing game, but he missed a pair of field goals on a night the Jets lost by 3.

Geno Smith: It was difficult to see any reason the Jets should have gone back to Geno, and we saw why tonight. This was a brutal effort. He showed a complete inability to make presnap reads and either adjust the protection or get the ball out quickly. He took one sack that knocked the Jets out of field goal range and another that made Folk's second miss longer. He missed some key open receivers, including a big pass to Percy Harvin. The interception appeared to be on him. He even fumbled a handoff unforced.

Eric Decker: He didn't come down with a couple of balls early he might have had.

Percy Harvin: 7 touches but didn't breathe much life into the offense with none going for more than 9 yards.

Jeff Cumberland: It didn't look like the interception was on him, but he did have a penalty and missed a couple of blocks.

Calvin Pace: He dropped an easy interception. It looked like he was being exposed in zone coverage all night.

Kick Protection Teams: The Dolphins blocked a punt, and it seemed like they were getting pressure on the kickers all night.

Darrin Walls: He had the interception, but he dropped another and was giving way too soft of a cushion for large chunks of the game.

Jaiquawn Jarrett: He was beaten once by Mike Wallace on what should have been a touchdown and was late in coverage a couple of other times.

Quinton Coples as run defender: It looked like he was losing the point of attack against the run.

The Good:

Chris Johnson: Even in the rare instances where Johnson has contributed this year, he hasn't looked like much of a difference-maker. Tonight we caught glimpses of the dynamic player he used to be. He was changing direction and blowing past defenders. It was a rare instance of Johnson creating a lot of his own yardage on his way to a 100 yard game.

Chris Ivory: Ivory also did nice work running hard and making people miss on his way to 62 yards.

Jeremy Kerley: They got him involved on a couple of end arounds. The results were gains of 20 and 18.

Greg Salas: Salas is at his best with the ball in his hands so the end around that went for a 20 yard touchdown was a nice call.

Jason Babin: It looked like the Jets were moving him around and having him patrol the field against the pass. He delivered some big hits on receivers on his way to 5 tackles.

David Harris: Led the Jets with 11 tackles and registered a sack.

Quinton Coples as pass rusher: I counted 3 hits he got on Ryan Tannehill.

Other Thought:

  • We have talked about the apparent disconnect between the front office and coaching staff before. To be certain, there are bigger issues with this team. The biggest are the numerous failures of the front office both in terms of poor player evaluations and in a complete lack of vision. The coaching staff has also done a bad job this year maximizing what little talent it was given. Tonight's game, though, shows what happens where there is an organizational disconnect. The front office inserts a quarterback into the lineup in whom the coaching staff has no belief. The front office wants that player evaluated. Meanwhile the coaching staff is coaching for its life. There is a good chance everybody will be fired. The coaching staff needs to get a win so it doesn't give that quarterback a chance to do anything. Given the quarterback's past and his performance in the game, the coaching staff doesn't feel it can trust that quarterback. Who is to blame here? Everybody. There is no cohesion in this organization, and nobody comes out looking good in an instance like this.

Four games left, and then we can officially focus on the offseason. I can't wait.