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Jets vs. Titans: One Extra Blocker

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The idea of running plays from the Wildcat has become widely reviled by the Jets fan base. The idea behind it isn't crazy, though. A nicely timed play here or there can make all of the difference in the world.

The Jets are the type of team against whom opponents will generally try to stop the run first and give the passing game little respect. It its essence, the Wildcat provides an extra blocker on a play. By snapping the ball directly to a running back, you have eliminated the quarterback's role in handing the ball off. This creates an extra player to block.

Let's take a brief look at Chris Johnson's huge 37 yard run Sunday in the fourth quarter.


As best as I can tell, these are the gap assignments up front for the Titans on the defensive line for this play.


This is a spot where the extra blocker comes in handy. Now you can double team the gap where the ball is going and make sure that defender gets wiped out.


Now with the key guy taken out, it's up to the back to beat one guy. In one of the few instances this season, Johnson does just that and provides the Jets with a big play.