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New York Jets 2015 Schedule: Opponents Set

The Jets will travel to Oakland and to London in 2015, as we take at the schedule.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jets completing their 2014 schedule against the Patriots and Dolphins, it's time to take a look at the opponents for 2015. With last place guaranteed in the East and the Raiders guaranteeing themselves a last placed finish in the AFC West, it has been confirmed that the Jets will play in Oakland in 2015.

The Jets will also play the team that finishes last in the AFC North at home, which now looks to be the Cleveland Browns. Johnny Football is coming to New York and we'll have front row seats for it. As long as Manziel is still the Browns starting QB by the time the game rolls around.

New York will also travel to London for the first time to face the Dolphins in the first divisional game held outside the United States. As well as playing their stadium buddies, the New York Giants.

Home Away
BUF Buffalo Bills BUF @ Buffalo Bills
NE New England Patriots NE @ New England Patriots
MIA Miami Dolphins MIA @ Miami Dolphins
JAC Jacksonville Jaguars HOU @ Houston Texans
TEN Tennessee Titans IND @ Indianapolis Colts
PHI Philadelphia Eagles DAL @ Dallas Cowboys
WAS Washington Redskins NYG @ New York Giants
CLE Cleveland Browns OAK @ Oakland Raiders

** There is a small chance the Browns could escape last place, so that is the only game with the potential to change. However if you look at H2H and SOS, it's very likely the Jets will be playing the Browns.

As soon as have the confirmed dates, we will bring those to you. The only date that is currently confirmed is the October 4th game in London against the Dolphins.

Considering everything, which game are you most looking forward to next year?