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Josh Thomas Released, Rontez Miles Added To 53

It was a small move but one that I'm personally quite excited about. Miles was a player I highlighted before the 2013 NFL draft who I wanted to see the team pick up. Now is his chance to shine.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Josh Thomas tweeted that he'd lost his play-book, or more accurately, it had been stolen. The Jets acted quickly to delete the content on the tablet remotely, however in the end he didn't even need it. Thomas was released yesterday after only appearing in one game this year. He played a handful of snaps against the Chiefs in a 24-10 loss where he was largely invisible. He was inactive for 5 games and didn't play in the other 2.

Josh Thomas is still a relatively young guy at 25, however he's moved around a lot and I find it hard to imagine he'll ever stick as a starter with any team.

Rontez Miles was an undrafted safety out of California PA in 2013. He has appeared on the active roster a number of times, however he's never had the chance to really play. He has mostly found himself on the practise squad, on the outside looking in. However now he'll have a chance to show he deserves the chance to compete for a spot in the Summer.

The only positive to come from this season, apart from the expected house-cleaning is the possibility of finding some diamonds in the rough. Rontez Miles is a big hitter who came in raw, he'll have two games against divisional rivals to show how much he's improved. Lets hope Rex gives him a chance, which means benching a few veterans and letting the young man play a considerable amount of stats.