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Some Thoughts on Tanking the Season

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As fans of the New York Jets, we all want our team to win. For some, that means stinking now so they can get a higher draft pick and thus do better down the line. For others, we’re happy with a win whenever we can get it. I don’t know that either side is wrong, but regardless, I want to talk about another group of people. The players and coaches that actually make up the roster.

I have seen countless people suggest that they should tank the season intentionally for a better pick. That will never (intentionally) happen, and it is naïve to suggest that they should. Many of these players and coaches are trying to keep their jobs. Others are trying out for their next job. Nobody in their right mind that reads this site would intentionally stink at their own job to make it easier for their boss to replace them, and I think it’s frankly absurd to ask the players and coaches to do the same. They may tank unintentionally, but I believe it's naïve to think the team should or will intentionally do so.

I absolutely believe it is fair game to be fine with, or even hope, that the team loses for a draft pick as a fan. Just don’t expect the team to follow along quietly, because those that do will likely find themselves on another roster or unemployed.