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John Idzik In Early Stages Of Jets New Head Coach Search

Oh boy, this could get ugly.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports NFL Insider, NY Jets GM John Idzik has been helping owner Woody Johnson in early preparations for the search for a new head coach.  The article, published December 14, 2014, goes on to say Idzik is involved in the pre-vetting of potential candidates for the position.  Apparently no search firm has been contracted at this time, in contrast to the last search for a GM that culminated in the Idzik hiring.  Johnson, Idzik and team president Neil Glat are said to be the three people currently involved in preparations.

While it is certainly possible that John Idzik could still be relieved of his duties at the end of the season, if the CBS article is correct about his involvement in the search for a new head coach it does not bode well for the prospects for a new general manager.  It would be odd if Woody Johnson were having serious thoughts of firing Idzik while simultaneously involving him in the head coach search, although with this dysfunctional franchise anything is possible.

This report, if true, seems to me a very bad omen two weeks before the season ends.  If the report is true it would appear very likely John Idzik will be back in 2015 and will play a major role in hiring a new head coach.  One would think if he is back and is heavily involved in the new head coach decision then Woody Johnson would likely give Idzik at least two or three  more years with the new head coach, to allow the new system to take root and to allow Idzik a chance to shape the roster to fit the new coach's vision, before deciding the fate of Idzik. If so, Jets fans may be saddled with what appears to be an incompetent GM for years to come.

On that note, happy holidays everyone.  It would appear we all may be slated for lumps of coal in our stockings this year.