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Jets 16 Titans 11: No Music City Miracle

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets defeated the Tennessee Titans in Nashville today 16-11. The win moves New York to 3-11 in the 2014 NFL season. It was a pretty sloppy game on both ends full of mistakes. The Titans outdid the Jets in that department so Gang Green came away with the win. Let's jump into it below.

The Good:

Dawan Landry: I thought Landry played a really solid game. He had 5 tackles, and they tended to be of the flying to the ball and making a tackle to minimize the gain variety. He also generally was solid in coverage. He ended up being the hero as he made the stop on Delanie Walker to win the game. Landry was the last thing standing between Walker and the end zone for the winning touchdown on the game's last play.

Quinton Coples: Coples played a big game. He had some hits on the quarterback, one of which knocked out Jake Locker, to go with a sack.

Eric Decker: Decker made a couple of mistakes. He stepped out of bounds to negate a long touchdown catch and dropped a critical ball in the lights. The play where he stepped out of bounds did go for 48 yards and set up a score, though. He ended with 7 catches and 100 yards, the first time he has gone over the century mark as a Jet. Decker additionally drew a couple of big penalties.

Chris Johnson: This is perhaps generous because Johnson was invisible and unproductive on all except one carry, but that one carry went for 37 yards out of the Wildcat and set up the game-winning score against his old team.

Geno Smith: This probably wasn't a flash of Pro Bowl potential, but Geno played a second consecutive solid game. He only had 179 yards on 28 throws, not terribly efficient, but he made some big plays, such as the great throw to Decker. His pocket presence also seems a lot better. His internal clock is going off in a way it wasn't earlier in the season, and he is extending plays. I don't think this means the Jets should go forward with Geno. There was still plenty wrong with this outing, but it was a solid effort.

I.K. Enempkali: He had a pass batted down and a sack, although that was wiped out by a penalty.

Sheldon Richardson: It was a quiet statistical game, but it looked like he was winning his matchups.

David Harris: Harris was in the middle of things with 6 tackles.

The Bad:

Willie Colon: Colon drew a couple more penalties (one was declined) and was responsible for a sack.

Phillip Adams: Adams has no feel for the game. He provides such a big cushion that any move by a receiver that isn't vertical beats him. The Titans had him beat whenever they got an accurate pass.

Marcus Williams: I think the same goes for Williams.

Oday Aboushi: It was subtle, but it seemed like he was getting beaten a lot.

Two games to go until this season is over. Next week is Rex Ryan's home finale against New England.