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Jets vs. Titans: Challenging Times

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an interesting note heading into what could be a tight game.

The Titans are one of only three teams this season to have not won a replay challenge. They are 0 for 5. It isn't just a case of the Titans being unwilling to throw the challenge flag. Their 5 challenges are in the neighborhood of the league average of 5.6 per team. Tennessee has the most lost challenges of the teams with no wins. Atlanta is 0 for 2, and Green Bay is 0 for 4.

One theme for the Jets has been  the manner in which they have consistently squandered timeouts. In a tight game, a lost timeout might be costly. It seems like the people in the booth have not done a good job advising Ken Whisenhunt, who had a solid 45% success rate during his tenure coaching Arizona.

It's something to keep in mind since these are two pretty bad teams. A timeout could mean a lot, and the Titans have lost all of their challenges.

In case you were wondering, the Jets are only 2 for 7 at 28.57%. That is also below the NFL average of 38.88%.