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New York Jets Jace Amaro Is Ready To Roll Against The Tennessee Titans

It's been a frustrating two weeks for Amaro as he worked his way through the NFL's concussion policy, but having come out the other side, the rookie tight end is ready to make a difference.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Amaro suffered the first concussion of his career while on special teams duty against the Buffalo Bills. This forced him to miss the overtime loss against the Minnesota Vikings last week, but he's ready to roll this week:

"I'm doing pretty good. I felt back to normal today," Amaro said. "I felt fast. I felt comfortable throughout and rejuvenated. I feel really good. ... I'll be playing Sunday."

A little mini-break towards the end of his first NFL season probably isn't a bad thing for a rookie, and we have to respect and appreciate the NFL's concussion protocol. It's in place for the protection of the players now and for their future. It's a very rigorous process but Amaro has come out with flying colors and is now cleared to play.

"The protocol is really what took the longest. You just have to be back to 100% before you can start working out at all," said Amaro, who began doing light exercise last week. "So that's kind of why it was delayed a little bit. I kind of felt like I could play last week, but things just didn't work out that way. I feel really good for this week."

Having Amaro back in the starting line-up will be big for the Jets, especially if Harvin is sidelined as expected. The 2nd round rookie our of Texas Tech has shown flashes of being a key weapon for the Jets moving forward. He's caught 34 balls for 291 yards and 2 touchdowns. He averages 8.6 yards a reception but he is catching over 75% of the passes thrown his way, which is considerably better than the 47.1% that Jeff Cumberland is currently catching.

It hasn't been all plain sailing for the rookie as he's dropped four catchable passes this season. I've seen enough of Amaro to think he'll make a big leap next season, and if we can improve our quarterback play, his numbers may take a considerable jump.