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Chris Johnson Looking To Tear It Up Against The Titans

Chris Johnson is looking forward to travelling back to Tennessee this weekend, and he hopes to prove the doubters wrong.

Al Bello/Getty Images

In April the Titans decided to cut Chris Johnson after 6 years with the team, coming off knee surgery and in obvious decline, he did little to prove to Titans management that he was worth the $8 million he was owed in 2014.

The release came after the initial wave of free agency. The Titans were trying to swing a trade for Johnson to recoup something for the man who had rushed for over 2,000 yards in a single season. Not finding any bites, they had no choice but to release him. Chris Johnson speaking in June thought it was intentional.

"I think they was just being nasty to be honest," Johnson said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "They was being nasty ... I think at the end of the day they did me wrong, and I don't know if it was revenge back on (me) for holding out when I held out the whole training camp, or whatever, but I feel like they already knew they were going in a different direction.

"It just baffles me that you release me after free agency is over, and you wait until a couple of days when it's time to show up for offseason workouts."

Personally I don't think it was anything like that, it's the nature of the business. You hold out until the water in free agency has settled and then teams who missed out may want to make a trade for a player who had 6 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons.

However that doesn't stop him from wanting to stick it to management, per ESPN

"Of course I want to go out there and tear it up and show 'em what they missed out on and make them regret that," he said Wednesday in the New York Jets' locker room. "But I'm not going to go into the game and make it me versus them."

Johnson has looked a little more explosive recently, although he's far removed from the dominant runner who took the league by storm and averaged 5.6 yards a carry during his 2000 rushing yards season.

This year Johnson is averaging 9.6 attempts a game through 13 games, which is nearly half the amount of attempts he averaged his last year in Tennessee (17.4) and considerably less than he was averaging in his 2,000 yard season (22.4).

So far this year, Johnson is averaging 4.5 yards a carry. At times he's looked impressive breaking off three runs of 20 yards or more and one run of 40 yards or more. However he's only registered one touchdown on the ground and one touchdown through the air.

It's been a tough season for Johnson  but if he is going to tear it up, it will be against the Titans. Tennessee are ranked 32nd against the run, giving up 141.5 yards per game, 7 runs of 20 yards or more and 3 runs of 40 yards or more.