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Jets vs. Dolphins Final Score: Miami Wins 16-13

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Normally I'd be really upset to see the Jets blow a double digit lead at home against the Dolphins. I am well past the point of caring about wins and losses with the 2014 Jets. Winning this game would have accomplished nothing.

Tonight's game lends credence to the reports the front office overruled the coaching staff on the starting quarterback. The coaching staff looked like it wanted no part of Geno Smith starting this game. Even though the Jets were running it at will in the first half, you have to have zero faith in the quarterback to not utilize play action under those circumstances. Even worse, it's tough to blame the coaching staff. Amazingly I left thinking 13 passes was probably too many for Geno. It seems like we are seeing dysfunction in this organization unheard of since the Kotite days. Thankfully this season will be over in another four weeks.

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