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New York Jets: The Crafty Veteran

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Here is this week's Marshall Faulk question.

To be GMC Professional Grade you must know your craft inside and out. On every team, there must be an established veteran presence, that with the work that he does, it doesn’t really show up in the stat sheet. It could be a veteran DB who give that jersey pull or a nice arm lock, so the receiver can’t catch the ball. Or an offensive lineman who’s crafty enough to get the hold real tightly to where the refs won’t call it, but the back, he’s off for a big run. Now, look at your team and analyze. Tell me, who’s that crafty veteran on your team. And if you’re really paying attention, what’s the signature move that he uses?

Faulk asked a similar question last week so I'll give a similar answer this week. Nick Mangold is very crafty. He usually doesn't need to resort to bending the rules. He just understands angles when he blocks. He reads blitzes. He is a master technician.

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