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Jets vs. Steelers Final Score: New York Wins 20-13

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow the NFL long enough, you'll find a lot of things happen in this league that make absolutely no sense. We added another to that group today as the Jets, perhaps the coldest team in the league, beat the Steelers, one of the hottest in the league 20-13. The Jets go into their bye on at least something of a high note at 2-8. There were rumors from Michael Kay and others that a bad result today might have meant Rex Ryan and John Idzik being let go tomorrow. At the very least, that now seems unlikely. Since the bye would have given the Jets two weeks to plan for the rest of the year, it would have been the most likely time for an in season change. It became much more likely that any change will come after the season.

This one followed the formula the Jets planned the entire year. The defensive front harassed Ben Roethlisberger enough to cover the secondary. The offense sputtered in the second half but did enough in the first half to win. The offense also didn't make a big mistake (although there were a few close calls).

Celebrate below. The official recap will be up later tonight.