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Help GGN's Sean C. Lead the J-E-T-S Chant Today

One of Gang Green Nation's own will be the 12th man today

Jeff Zelevansky

Jets fan Sean C. is a devoted GGN reader and season ticket holder, noting in his profile that he represents section 103. Sean is a friendly and enduring young man who is easily identifiable looks like the lumberjack love child of Nick MangoldYou can see Sean and the other original contestants videos here.

You may remember that several months back, with the help of GGN users rallying behind him and voting him in, Sean C. was nominated to be one of 8 finalists to lead the J-E-T-S chant after a slew of colorful characters uploaded videos arguing that they should lead the Jets in a chant. Well, who better to lead Gang Green Nation than somebody from Gang Green Nation? It's been a rough year. Sean and countless others who are still gutting it out in spite of a horrendous start to the year are true Jets fans.

Sean posted us an update this week, and wanted you all to know where to find him. Say hello and give your support if you see him today. Sean calls section 103 home.

There will be a film crew from the Jets at my tailgate at 10:15am. They’re going to film a short video that they might play on the big screens during the game. If you want to come and be in the video or even just to hang out, we’d love to have you! We’ll have plenty of food. The GGN Community is such a huge part of this experience, and I would be truly honored to have any of you at my tailgate.

Our tailgate is in the first lot, directly infront of the Pepsi Gate. Look for the Irish Flag with the Jets logo on it, that Tinley made.

Sean has likely been done a disservice with scheduling having him lead the chant after the season is well over. Sean will be singlehandedly taking on thousands of terrible towels who have invaded his home turf this week. IF you have the intestinal fortitude to be at MetLife today, lend Sean your lungs and cheers. Let's show the entire nation and the people of Pittsburgh what it means to rep GGN and Jets nation.