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CONFIRMED: Jets To Play Dolphins In London Next Year

Well exciting news for me today, and many other UK Jets fans as it was announced the Jets will play the Dolphins in London next season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As you can imagine, I'm absolutely thrilled with this news being reported by the Miami Herald: As long as it ends up being true.

The Dolphins are vacating their home-and-home series with the New York Jets next year, playing one game at New York's MetLife Stadium, as usual, and the other game -- Miami's so-called home game -- in London.

I'm trying to think which part of this set of facts is good for the football side of the Dolphins organization

I've waited a long time to see a live Jets game, my trip to New York recently fell on the Jets playing on the road, which meant I missed out. However I will certainly be front and center for this one.

The Jets still maintain their full home schedule, but also get the chance to play on the road against the Dolphins in what will be a neutral location. No matter how many flags they put out at Wembley, the crowd is usually very neutral.

As you can imagine, a lot of Dolphins fans are not too happy about this, giving up a home game against a divisional rival, but it would ensure they could be considered for a Super Bowl between 2015 and 2020.

This year I headed to Wembley for the Lions/Falcons game and the atmosphere was incredible, the exposure that both teams gained was exceptional and I imagine the prospect of promoting their product in a new and growing market while keeping a full slate of home games will appeal to the businessman in Woody Johnson.

We'll have more on this a little later.