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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 9

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Peter Aiken

It's that sad time of the week again. When I started this series after the Week 1 win, I didn't expect to be giving out an anti-game ball every week after.

There are many candidates once again. In the interest of spreading out the anti-game ball, I'll give it to an entire unit this week, the kickoff coverage team.

Eric Decker's touchdown was about the one point in yesterday's game where it felt like the Jets had a bit of momentum. They had driven the ball down the field with authority and cut Kansas City's lead to 7. All of the good feelings evaporated after the ensuing kickoff which DeAnthony Thomas returned 78 yards. It is difficult to pin it on one person as it looked like multiple culprits got out of their lane.

The Chiefs scored a touchdown, and the Jets never got the deficit within single digits again. For yesterday's turning point, I give my anti-game ball to the entire kick coverage team.

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